Space Planning

Effective space planning is a subtle blend of science and creativity. We know that every property harbours nuances and features that we need to adapt to, just as every business has a culture and dynamic we need to embrace.

Owning and maintaining your own premises is expensive, so it’s important that your business environment is geared towards maximising workable space. Inefficiencies in design will be mirrored both financially and in productivity. Poor planning can even contribute to low staff morale and absenteeism.

space planning

As we get to know you and your property, we’ll identify working relationships between groups and individuals that need to be factored into the design. We’ll determine the open plan and enclosed areas to allow for their requirements and functionality. We’ll make sure your storage needs are met in the design, as well as any special or technical facilities. Your break and refreshment areas will reflect the character of your company, not just its needs. Even your future plans for consolidation and expansion can be built into the design.

We specialise in bespoke spatial planning that will maximise potential and efficiency, subtly bringing together both form and function in perfect unison.